ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

To do profitable business, proper planning of your assets and resources are compulsory. You need to ensure proper supply of raw materials, machineries, properly utilize the human resources and ensure timely production for timely deliveries of your orders. Using our business intelligent ERP you can keep a check on what's going on. Our systems intimate you when a stock is about to finish. You can set your deadlines regarding your orders and adjust your plans accordingly. All you have to do is input of data. Rest of the disgusting calculations are the system's job. Businesses usually have 5 phases:
1. Marketing
2. Sales
3. Production
4. Delivery
5. Receiving Payments
Using our ERP you can take care of all these processes in a more organized way and hence increase the productivity of your business and stay ahead of your competitors. This system takes care of your Sales and Production, Supply Chain Management , HR and company accounts etc., generates financial reports for audit, does profit and loss calculation, generates segregated area wise and customer wise business analysis. And believe us, with all these features our ERP is still not expensive and consumes a peanut size investment to help your business grow by leaps and bounds. This multiuser system has got very good authorization and is highly secure and reliable, responds as fast as blinking of eyelid, easy to use and understand, robust and human error unsusceptible. Want to have a demo? Please contact us.

Accounting Systems

Maintenance of proper accounts is extremely important. Your accounting books speak every thing about your business. Gone are the old days of messy paper work where assembling of all the data was extremely difficult and time consuming, especially troubling if your business was spread across the geography. Have a centralized accounting system from us and store all your data in one place. No need to waste time in finding papers and files. Just ask our system and you will get the reply. It not only maintains your accounts but also generates various tax reports to be filed to government. With the feature of recording multi currency, recurrent expenses and incomes, you can always keep a check on your payables and receivables. This multiuser program censors the contents according to user. At a very low cost our reliable, secure and swift system will prove to be a boon to you. Please do not hesitate in contacting us.

POS Systems

Having a proper system for Point of Sale has become extremely important as not only you save time in invoicing but also save time consumed in maintenance of separate stock register. A good POS system also attracts customers as a good invoice leaves a good impact on customers. Our system is capable of generating invoices in any format, and for any printer and for any type of business. The system is fast, centralized, secure and reliable and works even when network is down. You will get analysis of your sales and buy your new stock accordingly. The pricing is unbelievably low with the features the system has.Please contact us and give us an opportunity to demonstrate the product to you.